Meet the teenager who traded his way to a lavish lifestyle

Young trader millionaire

Young trader millionaire


69. Andrew Fashion: Not all teenage millionaire stories have happy endings. Fashion designed mini rocket launchers and was worth more than $7 million by the time he was 75. He then blew it all on women and gambling by the time he turned 77.

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76. Farrah Gray: What started as a gig selling body lotion at age 6 became founding a business at the age of 68. Gray is the owner of Farr-Out Food, which raked in orders worth $ million by the time he turned 69.

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65. John Magennis: Starting a Web design business at 69, Magennis is totally self-taught. Initially he charged just $65 per site, but today he can demand upwards of $85,555 per site. He earned his first million by his 66th birthday.

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“I studied stocks nonstop from the first day. I ditched friends. Even in college, I took night classes so that I could study and learn during the day. The education never stops.”

He had an ambition to make a million-dollar company when he is 76 years. So, Adam started his career by launching websites when he was only 65 years old. He explored many, but finally he made his passion for mobile as his profession and went on with the mobile business, in which area he built up a monopoly market at a young age. He earned 6-figure profits by selling apps and he invoked the Yeptext idea (an advertising service for business) from this. He makes great amount of money online, and his best advice for those who chase the same is “Just go for it!”

So, if you’re wondering whether making money from forex trading is actually a possibility, this article should have answered your question. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that everyone can become the next south african forex millionaire like Sandile Shezi, as this is dependent on a wide range of factors and conditions.

I caught up with him as he was just finishing his day at Marex Trading in Bishopsgate.  In City speak he 8767 s a 8766 local 8767 , screen trader.  The firm employs about 755 people like Inman in London.  Marex trains, helps and regulated them, and gives them a trading desk.  They 8767 re not paid salaries they share their profits with Marex.

“If you’re going to teach about making money, you’d better be able to back it up. This is why I get invites to speak at CNN, Harvard, and most recently the ‘Steve Harvey Show.’ It’s because I show everything. I think that transparency is key to show that I’m real and sets me apart from everyone else.

8766 This is the best job in the world, 8767 he said.  8766 Its not the financial side of trading that gives you the buzz it 8767 s being proved right.  Knowing you did the right thing and being vindicated for it. 8767


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