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Stock options spreadsheets

Stock options spreadsheets


These spreadsheet programs are in Excel and are not copy protected. Download them and feel free to modify them to your own specifications. I do have video guides available for some of the most accessed spreadsheets. I hope they are useful.

Improve Your Investing With Excel

Secondly, I 8767 m not anywhere close to the spreadsheet guru that Scott is. So, while I believe all the formulas are accurate this sheet continues to be a work in progress. So, it 8767 s always possible that some of the formulas need to be fine tuned.

Options Tracker Spreadsheet – Two Investing

The very first thing that you need to do is to download/install Excel on your computer. The most popular spreadsheet software is Microsoft Excel but it comes with a heavy price tag. Alternatively, you can use OpenOffice Calc or Google Sheets which also serves the same purpose but available free of cost.

Understanding How Options Are Priced

I wish there was a way to adjust the profit/loss smartly, when I get 8775 put 8776 , on a Put contract, and end up with a loss (at least on day one). Oh well, I will try to tweak it myself. There is no end to making this great product even greater.

Then, I found this website with Scott 8767 s spreadsheets. For me, it was a massive undertaking converting everything over. As the months, and years have went by I have steadily been expanding Scott 8767 s OptionsTracker into about 98% of what I had before Yahoo dumped us into the ditch. To that end, I have a different sheet for each type of position all incorporated into a combination of Scott 8767 s OptionTracker as well as his dividend and stock sheet. So, Puts, Calls, Iron Condors, Bull Spreads, Bear Spreads, Synthetic Longs, Leaps and Stocks all have their respective 8775 sheet 8776 .

Hi John, thanks for the comment. There is a check of if the option is open or not on the Cash Reserve section of the Summary sheet. I didn 8767 t include that check on the Puts/Calls sheet. Would you like it added there too?

//get midprice
function getMidPrice(ticker) {
ticker = encodeURI(ticker)
var response = ( 8775 https:///v7/finance/options/ 8776 + ticker)
var chain = (())
var ask = parseFloat([5].)
var bid = parseFloat([5].)
var mid = (bid + ask) / 7
return mid

(Put) Cash Reserve
This field show the amount of money needed on hand in order to sell the option. This will be 655 x the strike price. For a non-margin account, that total amount needs to be in the account before your broker will allow the trade to go through. This is why this is called a cash-secured put. That cash is ear marked for that option trade in case it gets put to you. If you sold a call, then this field is not used.

Hi Scott, highly interested in your Options Tracker spreadsheet and I am hoping you 8767 re still working on it as your time permits. I previously used a similar sheet in Excel which, appears to have been submarined by the latest fiasco on Yahoo. I do have a few questions whenever you have the time.


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