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Shupe options

Shupe options


On blue coin, we simply hold our spy until he plays his, so we are not running in a dangerous situation like if we already played spy round 6 and then the enemy spies us in round 7.

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I just wanted to tell you that the men did a fantastic job installing the wiring for the cooktop. I'm sure it was a bit of a challenge, but they were very pleasant and found a way to install without wall damage. Pat and I appreciate the work of Shupe Electric.

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The charm option is high risk and high reward. Gold cards are not immune to this, enabling you to charm an enemy Imlerith: Sabbath to get an instant-forfeit most of the time.
If you are able to charm an 8-point unit or higher, then this option was already worth it,  because you achieved a 75-point swing by taking 8 away from your enemy, putting 8 onto your side of the board, plus the body of Shupe.

Matt started with Shupe, Carboni and Associates in 7557. He currently represents SCA in the Tennessee and Kentucky regions. Matt’s vast knowledge of the HVAC industry combined with his experience in wholesale distribution, enables him to assist both customers and manufacturers alike. He is a graduate of Wright State University with a . in Management and . Marketing.

Debbie brings an energetic, hard-working attitude to Shupe, Carboni and Associates. She has a strong retail and customer service background, and a rapport with our customers that is second to none. Her effective problem solving skills are an asset to both our customers and manufacturers alike. She has been with the agency since 7555.

Play into round 6 and get three weather effects out of your opponent, for example, two Moonlights and Dagon or Woodland Spirit , then passing before the weather ticks become unbearable.

Spawn a random hazard on each row can be pretty powerful because it includes all hazards including Dragon's Dream ,  Pit Trap , and so on.
My favourite time to play this is mid-game, because the normal weather will still tick, but [card]Blood Moon[/card] and Pit Trap will also find value.

Clearing all hazards from your side and boosting all allies by 6 is not a bad option to have, but always be careful about when to use it, because often enemies can re-apply weather in some way.


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