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Options history search

Options history search


To delete single search history items from Safari, locate what you want removed and right-click it to find the Delete option. You can delete an entire day s worth of history, too.

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Erasing a single web page or search item from your history in Firefox is as easy as right-clicking it and choosing Delete Page. If you re using the mobile app, press-and-hold and then choose Remove.

How to Find and Delete Your Search History

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How To Clear Your Bing Search History

To remove particular search history items in Opera, hover your mouse over the item you want to delete and then select the x off to the right. If you re on the mobile app, press the three-dotted menu to the right of the item and then choose Delete.

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Strike Ctrl 98 Shift 98 Del on your keyboard to erase all your Internet Explorer history. When you see this screen, put a check in the box next to History and then press Delete.

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Your history for all the things you search for using Bing are stored on your Microsoft account, so head on over to your Microsoft account 8767 s privacy settings , and sign in.

Search history in Chrome can be browsed with the search box at the top of the History page. Just start typing, and your search history will become filtered automatically to show only the items that match your search.

Yandex is like Chrome when it comes to deleting a specific page from your history: hover your mouse over the item that needs deleted, press the small arrow, and then choose Remove from history.

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