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Minute trading crypto

Minute trading crypto


First and foremost, when day trading, it’s essential to have a structured approach and a rule-based strategy. The same as swing trading or positional trading you are not going to trade every day, and you’re not going to make money every day. So, you need a day trading cryptocurrency strategy to protect your balance.

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Most brokerages offer charting software, but some traders opt for additional, specialised software. If you’re new to day trading using charts then the standard software you get from your broker should cut the mustard.

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One last thing to watch is the market cap of the coin that’s rising in price. If it’s a low market cap coin with great news, the volatility and upside potential will be much greater. If it’s a high market cap, even great news can provide minimal price support. In fact , some large coin holders treat these moments as a time to sell off holdings to mid-sized whales which can prevent/suppress a price rise.

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You can get a whole range of chart software, from day trading apps to web-based platforms. Good charting software will allow you to easily create visually appealing charts. You should also have all the technical analysis and tools just a couple of clicks away.

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The Telegram app is where many speculators, altcoin project team members and market makers hang out. Plenty pump-and-dump folks are also present in certain altcoin Telegram groups. You will find a chat group for most altcoins.

You don’t have to believe that a news story will push a price higher for good. The moment news breaks a coin typically has some immediate buying pressure. It’s a matter of whether the whales support the price with some buying volume and real, large buy orders.

Remember, the market moves irrationally when unexpected news releases. Be on the ball if you want to day trade crypto actively. These moves are easy 5-65% boosts to your bankroll. The key is to sell out early if the pump fails to grow legs. Don’t buy in after the price is up 65% in minutes unless the news is literally insane (such as, if Verge’s PornHub announcement was a surprise).

As previously discussed, the number one choice you need to make is to pick coins that have high volatility and high liquidity. If you’re not day trading Bitcoin, which is the most liquid coin out there, and you like the altcoins, try to pick those coins that have good liquidity and volatility.


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