The Kelly Criterion for Trading Options

Kelly criterion calculator options

Kelly criterion calculator options


Using the Kelly Criterion is only one method. There are other methods out there, and none is suitable to all markets all the time. Folks trading both options and stocks may want to use one system for option trades and another for stock trades.

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It is impossible to eliminate all bias in a historical backtest and you also have to deal with the fact market conditions change. Market conditions can change so abruptly as to destroy the profitability of a trading system completely.

Kelly Criterion for Asset Allocation and Money Management

If your trading idea is not good to begin with, even the best money management rules are not going to help it. As the old saying goes ‘you can 8767 t make a silk purse out of a sow 8767 s ear’.

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How To Improve Your Trading System With The Kelly Formula

It has long been established that the Kelly Formula provides a powerful equation for calculating the optimum level of risk with which to place a bet in a probabilistic type game. A game like blackjack or sports betting.

You want to first test the profit potential of the idea. Only when you know you have a decent trading idea should you add money management rules in order to improve performance.

Start off with a simple position size, like fixed risk or % per trade and see how the trading system gets on live. Make sure the position isn’t so small that it negatively affects the results, however.

To calculate the ideal percentage of your portfolio to put at risk, you need to know what percentage of your trades are expected to win as well as the return from a winning trade and the ratio performance of winning trades to losing trades. The shorthand that many traders use for the Kelly Criterion is edge divided by odds , and in practice, the formula looks like this:

Nevertheless, the Kelly formula can undoubtedly be used to great effect in investing with famous investors Warren Buffett, Bill Gross and Ed Thorp all upholding it’s benefits.


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