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Eztrade sinopac


Hong Kong and overseas investors are prohibited from naked short selling in SSE Securities. Currently, Mainland investors are only allowed to sell A shares which are available in their stock accounts at the end of the previous day.


All SSE Securities are subject to the same trading board lot size, which is 655 shares (buy orders must be in board lot). Odd lot trading is only available for sell orders. It is common that a board lot buy order may be matched with different odd lot sell orders, resulting in odd lot trades. It should be noted that unlike Hong Kong, board lot and odd lot orders are both matched on the same platform on SSE, and subject to the same share price.

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SSE Securities trades will follow the settlement cycle of the Shanghai securities market, where money will be settled on T+ client can withdraw money on T+6 day or thereafter.

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Please fill out a Stock Withdrawal Form or " Securities Settlement Instruction form ". You can withdraw the number of shares currently existing in your securities account or transfer them to your accounts at other brokerage houses or to your account at the Central Clearance House(中央結算所) to your securities account with us.

Yes, but we will not do currency exchange for you automatically. You may be charged interest or bear exchange rate loss, so we suggest our clients can do FX before trading.

When you cannot meet the margin call requirement, your positions could be forced liquidate immediately without any further notice. SinoPac Futures (Asia) reserves the right to change its margin call and forced liquidation policy without prior notice.

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Login to online trading system, select "Account Management". The password must be at least 8-67 characters, and must be a combination of digits and letters, none of which can be used three consecutive times, signs are also not permissible.


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