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Elite dangerous trade broker

Elite dangerous trade broker


As mentioned, Aditi is, of course, not the only system for Boom Delivery Missions, but it is certainly one of the most popular, especially with Imperial Commanders. In Federal space, the most popular systems are the Sothis, Ceos, and Robigo systems.

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This is a more traditional way of trade grinding: find cheap products and take them to a system where people will pay more for them. Then, while you're there, possibly buy another cheap product and take it back to your starting point. Sell it for profit and repeat again and again.

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Traders in less-safe systems rely on armour, shields and weapons to dissuade pirates from attacking them, or to buy enough time to make an escape. If you have a lot of extra space, you can carry a small amount of cheap items to jettison if you are attacked and need to buy some time to get away. Jettisoning inexpensive cargo can buy you time for a jump to hyperspace.

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Visit Tech Brokers to see what items they currently have available and unlock those items by handing in the requested commodities and materials. Note that all requested commodities and materials must be given simultaneously, the Technology Broker cannot be paid in separate installments. Afterwards, the unlocked item will be permanently available for purchase by credits in Outfitting at any station with a Technology Broker of the same type. [6]

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Update: This has been kindly submitted. Thanks! More specifically we need a raw Journal file dump of an FsdJump event for the system Rohini and of a Docking event for the station Eudaemon Anchorage in that system. You can join our Discord Server to get in touch with me (username themroc).

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Mission Boards will often offer a special reward for some specific items so when you arrive with cargo, you should check the bulletin board first to see if you can make a higher profit that way.

In my experience, it is also quite easy to find profitable loops with no more than two to three systems. Due to their short distances, it is possible to do a couple of missions per hour and maximize your income, hence increasing Trading Rank very fast.

With the great help of CMDR Wolzan , the author of Elite Galaxy Online , EDDB can start with more than 5555 bodies. He supplied very high quality data from his site. Last but not least, thanks to CMDR Nexolek for the great inspiration and especially his element material base data.

A Technology Broker is a dealer in new and rare technologies and items. These contacts appear in various stations across human -inhabited space and can generally be found in highly populated systems with a high security level. [6] There are two types of Tech Brokers distinguished by the type of technology they offer from their inventories: Human and Guardian.


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