How to delete single or multiple queues in RabbitMQ

Different options one queue

Different options one queue


Long Call-Handle Times – The reason sometimes for call backlogs is long handle times, which means that each call is taking longer than expected. Long calls may be a sign of the agent not listening to the problem, interrupting the caller or being unable to take control of the call.

Managing Call Queues for Customer Service Call Centers

Append blobs are used to append data. Basically, this means that each time you make changes to the blob, the data will be appended at the end of the blob. Data cannot be changed or deleted, only appended.

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Properties that start with particular queue kind name, is applied only to particular kind. For example all properties starting with pcq applies only to queue kind = pcq.

Queues and messages in queues in Exchange Server

Exchange measures the rate of messages entering and leaving a queue and stores these values in queue properties. You can use these rates as an indicator of queue and transport server health. The properties are described in the following table:

Manual:Queue - MikroTik Wiki

Now this, in turn, can have a spiral or domino effect. A disgruntled customer would surely register complaints against the lack of proper service received from your company. This would usually spread like a wildfire in the customer circle. You can be rest assured that similar incidents would be recorded as more customers would use the same method of grievance redressal.

Rate limiting is used to control the rate of traffic flow sent or received on a network interface. Traffic which rate that is less than or equal to the specified rate is sent, whereas traffic that exceeds the rate is dropped or delayed.

In approach [B] there is no such overhead, but whenever we move head one position ahead, after removal of first element, the size on Queue is reduced by one space each time.

Record 655% of calls received for training purposes.  This then enables you to listen to long and short calls.  This should allow you to see if there is a training issue.  Long calls may be a sign of the agent not listening to the problem, interrupting the caller or being unable to take control of the call. Managers can measure the productivity of the agents and identify their trouble areas which hamper their quality of output. The recorded versions of the calls enables managers to access the desired insights and single out the reasons that increase handle time.

By default, the Get-QueueDigest cmdlet displays delivery queues that contain ten or more messages, and the results are between one and two minutes old. For instructions on how to change these default values, see Configure Get-QueueDigest.


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