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Brokers that trade against you

Brokers that trade against you


You are wrong. At the end of the day and longterm market making companies only make the spread nothing more. So there is no point to take risk. You have no idea about market making

How to know if your broker is trading against you

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There is a conflict of interrest between the client and b-book brokers (including stp brookers that b-book to a group company). However they can 8767 t do much to cheat. It 8767 s not like we can 8767 t verify that the price we got executed at or stopped out is a valid market price. It 8767 s not like we can 8767 t measure delays in execution. All in all we can tell if a broker is fair or not even if metatrader doesn 8767 t help in this regard. We can also favor longterm trading rather than scalping, since dealers can only interveen at the opening and closing of a trade.

Do Forex brokers really trade against on their clients

In stop loss hunting, they have some robotics or employees hired who monitor the client’s trades. When a trader goes for short position and set stop loss, and when the market goes against the position and it becomes so close to the stop loss, the robot or hired employee increases the spread manually to help the price hit the stop loss hunter.

Haahhaha you made me laugh so much. You brokers think you can do anything you want and steal clients funds. The regulations are getting tougher and we will protected. Thank you ESMA

Both X type and Y type brokers can run into some significant dilemmas if the offset above causes a liquidity risk. It is best to avoid beating about the bush in this regard and have an open discussion with your broker about such policies.
In other cases related to Forex brokers, it is important to identify the kind of trade system you are likely to be working with. This goes a long way in helping you understand the trade-offs of working with a certain broker, and whether they are more or less likely to trade against you.

A true ECN broker is one who let you have access to the interbank market (the primary exchange market) and enables you to see the actual prices of other parties that are taking the other side of your trade. Other parties interested in your trade might be banks, financial institutions, and other brokers.

Non-dealing desk brokers facilitate immediate access to the primary forex market (interbank market), transferring their clients’ trades to liquidity providers, like banks and other financial institutions, for executing.

Another thing to note is that not all brokers do everything in the same way. In other words, details on how they operate differently from one broker to another, but most can be classified in one of two groups — A Book brokers and B book brokers.


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