Best Broker for ZuluTrade 2020 and Why [Professional]

Zulutrade supported brokers

Zulutrade supported brokers


NPBFX are another offering excellent STP style trading. They also have access to great liquidity to provide the best prices, and offer free news and market analysis to traders.

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Again Oanda is a top name in the sector. The Canadian broker are perfect for beginners with very competitive trading costs, and no minimum deposit to get started trading.

ZuluTrade Supported Brokers Lists 2020 by Regulations [EU

Most people are aware leverage can be used to increase potential earnings. However, before you download an account, you should also note trading on leverage can amplify losses and open you up to margin calls.

Note both options give you access to charts, data, alerts, and forex signals. Both also allow for straightforward account maintenance. Head over to ‘my account’ and you will get access to all the basic functions, from reviewing performance rankings to the ‘delete account’ button.

Next, we have divided the list between the three major categories of regulations: Europe, USA, and other various countries in the world (eg Switzerland or Russia).

The choice of brokers you can use with ZuluTrade is very good. As a built-in option, they have their own broker: AAAFx (based in Greece) ) for EU Investors and AAAFx International (New Zeland Based) for Non EU Investors.  This broker allows you to manage your account in EUR, USD, JPY, GBP, AUD, RUB, and CHF. In addition, though, there’re over 55 other supported brokers, including US, UK, Europe,  Russia, New Zealand and Australia based and regulated ones, which allow you to keep your account in these and other base currencies. These other brokers do charge a small commission on each trade from a ZuluTrade signal, while AAAfx doesn 8767 t.

AAAFx again are the top choice for working with Zulutrade as they are owed by the company. They also offer a wide range of assets including forex, stocks, and cryptos.

You can sign-up for a free Zulu Trade demo account (click here) which allows you to select any signal provider in the same way as you would with a live account and monitor the performance of your portfolio. Once you decide you want to use “real” money you need to sign-up with one of their supported brokers. AAAfx is their “best” broker because they’re part of the same holding company as ZuluTrade. However, they’ve got a list of over 95 other brokers globally which you can sign-up with as well.

Normally, the higher the leverage, such as 6:6555, the lower the used margin, which usually means an increase in the free margin and margin level. However, this can lead to overtrading and with a high drawdown, your account may hit a stop out level.


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