What is a food recall

Trade level recall

Trade level recall


First things first: all food manufacturers, importers and wholesale suppliers must have a written food recall plan, which covers procedures, records and staff responsibilities. (FSANZ provides a useful Food Recall Plan Template ).

Food recalls

In the case where the above factors are not ready within the timelines, consumers should still be informed of the hazard and a recall notice may be published and updated later with any missing information.

Recall or withdrawal? What Australian manufacturers need

6. After the recall is published, what do I do if I continue to receive incident reports from industry or consumers that don't know their product is affected by the existing recall?

Aguide for voluntary recall of consumer products or

Food is recalled because of a report or complaint from manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, government or consumers. It might also result from a food business’s own testing and auditing.

Recalls, Market Withdrawals, & Safety Alerts | FDA

For cosmetic recalls … Please note that, in addition to the requirements of the Cosmetic Regulations, the Food and Drugs Act (FDA) prohibits the sale of cosmetics that are either made with hazardous substances, or under unsanitary conditions, to users in Canada.

FDA Recalls, Market Withdrawals & Safety Information | FDA

If very few consumers have responded, more work may be required to understand why and possibly more outreach may be necessary to ensure corrective measures, as outlined in the recall notice, are followed.

Product correction , such as a repair or fix, which removes the hazard. Under this option, be aware that some products cannot be brought into compliance due to their design or composition. You may wish to consider the following points:

You can also use Recall to conduct mock recalls for HACCP/standards certification and audits the portal has recently been re-certified as an effective and suitable service for businesses that operate a HACCP based Food Safety Programme.

The following are some best practices to consider when instructing your supply chain customers and consumers on how to deal with the affected product. These may include the following:


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