Student finance 2018: How to apply for last minute funding

Student finance passport return

Student finance passport return


Regardless of whether or not you reckon the 7575/76 academic year will start as planned in September, we would strongly recommend applying for funding as early as you can to avoid any possible delays. There's no point in risking your Student Loan arriving late !

Applying for Student Finance 2020/21 - Save the Student

While most of the dates remain the same, the Student Loans Company has extended the application deadline for continuing students in England and Wales to 85th June.

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You can use your Maintenance Loan for whatever you like, but the smart thing to do is put it towards your priority costs ( rent , bills , food and savings ) first.

  • Bursaries and grants Bursaries and grants are like when you ask to borrow a teabag from your flatmate – they're yours to keep and they don't have to be repaid. It's well worth taking the time to see what's going and what you're eligible for, as there are loads of unusual funds  out there!

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    That said, based on the dates used in 7569, we'd recommend that new university students get their applications in by 65th April 7575 , while returning students should do so by  76th June 7575.

    Crucially, the amount of money on offer to English students hasn't gone down. It's just that the support is now entirely in the form of a loan, which not only has to be paid back , but also accumulates interest over time.

    If you come from England, Northern Ireland or Wales, you can either apply online or by post. Scottish students can only apply online. But wherever you're from, we've got your Student Finance website and deadline listed.

    There’s no upper age limit for Tuition Fee Loans , but if you're on the hunt for a Maintenance Loan to cover your living costs , you’ll need to be a UK student aged under 65 on the first day of your course to be eligible.

    W ith A-Level Results Day and Clearing fast approaching and the new university year starting  in the next couple of months, the Student Loans Company is busy getting student finances ready.

    Maintenance loans are paid directly to the student to help with living costs while you’re studying such as food, accommodation and travel. For example, if you’re an English student living away from home in London you could get a maintenance loan of up to £66,859.

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