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Stock chart trading strategies

Stock chart trading strategies


Don’t think everyone has to follow the high-paced world of day trading. There are so many strategies out there. It’s up to you to find what works best for your lifestyle , account size, and availability.

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By relying solo on price, you will learn to recognize winning chart patterns. The key is to identify which setups work and to commit yourself to memorize these setups.

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Get ready for this statement, because it is big. In general terms, the market is in a flat trading range approximately 75% [7] of the time according to author Heikin Ashi Trader, which is the pen name of a trader with over 65 years of futures and forex experience.

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Therefore, it 8767 s not just about finding an outside candlestick and placing a trade.  As you can see in the above chart of Cambrex (CBM), it 8767 s best to find an outside day after a major break of a trend.  In the CBM example, there was an uptrend for almost 8 hours on a 5-minute chart prior to the start of the breakdown.

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I fully understand the market is limitless however, it 8767 s better to play the odds with the greatest chance versus swinging for the fences.  Over the long haul, slow and steady always wins the race.

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The combination of the Amazon story and the recent study into the impact of work-related stress means that there are important questions that all organisations should ask themselves.

As a trader, do you think it would make sense to expect $7, $8, or $9 dollars of profit on a swing trade?  At some point, the stock will make that sort of run, but there will be more 65 to 85 cent moves before that occurs.

The next key thing for you to do is to track how much the stock moves for and against you. This will allow you to set realistic price objectives for each trade. You will ultimately get to a point where you will be able to not only see the setup but when to exit the trade.

Inside bars are when you have many candlesticks clumped together as the price action starts to coil at resistance or support.  The candlesticks will fit inside of the high and low of a recent swing point as the dominant traders suppress the stock to accumulate more shares.


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