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Signal app review 2020

Signal app review 2020


Broadly speaking this can be considered a major win for privacy, as it brings secure end-to-end encrypted messaging to millions of ordinary users who would not otherwise care about privacy issues.

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Launched: 7568
Owner: Telegram Messenger LLP
Users: 755 million (monthly)
End-to-end encryption : Yes, but only in secret chats
Secret chats : Yes
Secure file sharing : No
Data storage in servers : No
Chat/Messages self-destruction : Yes, but only in secret chat
Requires mobile number : Yes
Supported platforms : Android iOS Windows Phone PC Mac Linux

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Signal has revolutionized private chat by introducing highly secure open source end-to-end encrypted messaging that is as easy and seamless to use as sending regular SMS text messages. Its use of real phone numbers for contact discovery does concern some, but this is heavily mitigated against.

However, our research shows that the only information or metadata that Signal, as a service, retains is the last date of a given user’s connection with the official Signal app and the time and date on which the user registered with the service.

Moxie Marlinspike often responds to these issues in GitHub forums, and sometimes the issue turns out to be caused by the device&rsquo s own settings. Nevertheless, he occasionally refuses to engage with the issue, leaving the user with no choice but to seek out a different instant messenger.

The protocol&rsquo s developers, Open Whisper Systems, use the technology first and foremost in their own messenger software, Signal. It&rsquo s a free, open-source application that initially received funding from several outside sources (including, perhaps worryingly, the US government).

Of course, this simple but fundamental question of project funding has lead many to raise questions about the integrity of such projects and their claims of privacy.

All that you need to remember here is that even though Signal takes care of messages that are sent via its own application, it does not do the same for messages that you send to non-Signal users.

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