How Much Salary Does a Quant Earn?

Quant trader bonus

Quant trader bonus


Financial pundits say that we can liken the progress achieved in the world of trading to the human evolution process. As humans moved from hunter-gatherers to agriculturists, so did trading move from manual analysis and gut-feeling to algorithmic trading which involves financial modelling with the help of computers.

What yearly bonus can a typical quant fund analyst expect

Banks, hedge funds and proprietary trading firms are hiring quantitative researchers and quantitative developers to build and upgrade research platforms and work on optimization, while other quant candidates are tasked with contributing to alpha generation on a systematic trading desk, per Patel.

2020 Trading Salary And Bonus

Emerging markets like India are witnessing exponential growth in the domain. Of course, the markets are maturing every day, so trading costs would decrease after a certain point.

Technology is evolving very quickly, and knowledge of new approaches and techniques and the ability to apply them are inherently a competitive advantage across many industries, per Patel.

Other quant feed schools include all Ivy League universities, Illinois Urbana, Michigan, NYU, Moscow Institute, ETH Zurich, Chicago Booth and the Indian Institute of Tech (IIT). Graduates from such schools go on to work as front-office pricing quants, quant traders, middle-office risk quants, software engineers, quant researchers, data scientists and, at Goldman Sachs, strats.

“Clients are looking for individuals who can be creative, technically hands on, most importantly, not theoretical,” Patel says. “Candidates from a top 55 global STEM program and an undergraduate degree with a high GPA are viewed more favorably than a mediocre undergrad and a strong PhD.

For quant researchers, they are usually coming from a mathematics or statistics background – the University of California, Berkeley, and Stanford for stats MIT and Harvard for math.

Ben Hodzic, a director at recruitment firm Selby Jennings, confirmed that those compensation figures are accurate for PhD graduates in finance, economics and econometrics coming from an Ivy League university with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a STEM field such as engineering, statistics and computer science.

Very promising actually. It is clear that automation is the future that is driving the world. Be it in any field, automation is making a tectonic shift from a traditional path, and the same applies to stock markets. In US markets, 75-85% of the exchange volumes is happening through automated systems.


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