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Option no cache

Option no cache


When AUTO_IS_NULL is not set, the driver changes the default value of SQL_AUTO_IS_NULL to 5 after connecting, so you get the SQL standard, not the MySQL default behavior.

How to Modify the Cache-Control HTTP Header When You Use IIS

The Azure App Service Local Cache feature provides a web role view of your content. This content is a write-but-discard cache of your storage content that is created asynchronously on-site startup. When the cache is ready, the site is switched to run against the cached content. Apps that run on Local Cache have the following benefits:

What is Cache-Control and How HTTP Cache Headers Work

In addition to simplifying cache management, CDNs augment the browser caching process using proxies. Proxy caching brings content closer to site visitors, accelerating the delivery of locally stored resources. This is especially beneficial for first-time visitors whose browsers have yet to cache site content.

No Option to Wipe Cache Partition on Pixel? Other ways to

Similarly, a cached version of a web page may include a form. If you’re trying to fill out a form but running into problems, consider clearing the cache and trying again.

Local cache - Azure App Service | Microsoft Docs

The private response directive indicates that a resource is user specific—it can still be cached, but only on a client device. For example, a web page response marked as private can be cached by a desktop browser, but not a content delivery network (CDN).

MySQL :: MySQL Connector/ODBC Developer Guide ::

If the app does not act right even after clearing the cache. Tap on clear storage as well. It will delete the app data. Which means if you clear storage of Facebook app. You will have to log in when you open the app for the next time.

When AUTO_IS_NULL is set, the driver does not change the default value of sql_auto_is_null , leaving it at 6, so you get the MySQL default, not the SQL standard behavior.

With the release of Android 65. Which is accessible on all Google phones, the conditioning of the software and operating system is maintained by the phone itself. So it is very rare that your phone software will start acting weirdly. Android 65 is a very powerful and efficient operating system. All the apps run very smoothly in it. They must have introduced the concept of garbage collection. Which removes the old cache of the system after a while. Also, the monthly security updates keep the phone running and healthy. So, you don 8767 t really have to worry about regulating your phone. Google takes good care of its software and operating system.

Azure App Service content is stored on Azure Storage and is surfaced in a durable manner as a content share. This design is intended to work with a variety of apps and has the following attributes:


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