Options Money Machine

Option money machine

Option money machine


Every option has a Strike Price, the predetermined price at which you have the right, but not the obligation, to buy the option (if it 8767 s a Call) or sell the option (if it 8767 s a Put) any time up to and including option expiration day.

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In summary, a call option is a bet that the underlying asset will rise in price sometime before or on a particular day—known as the expiration date—while a put option is a wager that the underlying asset s price will fall during that time period.

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Research from Nobel prize-winning economist Eugene Fama and finance professor Kenneth French discussed this idea in what has become one of the most heavily cited papers in all of finance

Options In the Money and Out of the Money

Before we go any further, let 8767 s make sure you are at the right place.
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Teeka Tiwari’s Project Deepwave: This Thursday, at 8 . ET, Teeka Tiwari will reveal exactly how Wall Street is secretly getting away with billions of dollars in profits by misleading the public.

That’s why it targeted Zimmerman for a criminal investigation. The . government wanted to make an example out of him. It also naïvely thought that it could stop the spread of encryption and cryptography technologies.

“A series of new technologies are making some people filthy rich, while leaving millions more behind.  If you understand how to invest in and profit from these breakthroughs, it can make you rich — otherwise you’re going to get left behind.”

In my experience this can be a head-in-the-sand investment philosophy that can, and sometimes does, produce disastrous consequences. (Currently, think Enron, AIG, Lucent, Fannie Mae, etc.).

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