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Option c gta v

Option c gta v


After choosing option A, Franklin calls Trevor and asks to meet him at the oil field  off El Burro Heights. On the way there, Franklin calls Michael, informs him of the situation, and asks if he can help Michael is hesitant, saying that it "sounds like [Franklin's] thing", but says he will see what he can do.

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Always save your game progress in two different save game slots. Take turns in saving in those slots. This will allow you to have a backup of your progress if you do something undesirable and save it.

Kill Trevor or Michael or Deathwish in GTA V – Game

Trevor is by far the most interesting character of the three. I thought most of his dialog and actions were very well written and he really felt like a truly emotionally unstable psychopath but had a functional intelligent side to him.

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C was obviously the true (if canon) ending for GTA V, both of the other endings seemed rushed and weren't satisfying at all. C was badass and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

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Michael and Franklin reflect on how crazy Trevor was and it was this constant craziness which led to his demise. Shortly after, they split up before Franklin sarcastically remarks the event as "certainly an education," which Michael counters by telling him to survive, and everything else is "bullshit." They then walk away from each other, as the credits roll in with a view of the city.

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So, I have been playing GTA V addictively for two weeks now. I have completed 66% of the game and after completing a final heist mission, I have reached the ending of the game. Well, turns out this game not only has one but three separate endings that you can decide on.

At El Burro Heights, Trevor laments how Michael had been backstabbing towards him and how he and Franklin are friends, only to see Franklin turn a gun towards him saying that he was the crazy one, not Michael or Franklin, and he would most likely end up getting all three of them killed. Baffled, Trevor remarks on how he has done nothing but be truthful to Franklin Franklin concedes the point, but does not let down the gun, saying that the truth is not what he is interested in.

Something Sensible is one of the three possible final missions and one of the 7 non-canon endings [6] of Grand Theft Auto V . This mission is triggered if Franklin chooses option A (Kill Trevor).

Try re-verifying your game, I can only think that you may not be on the latest files which is why you're not even given the option, but I have to admit this is a bit unusual.


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