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Nikkei options settlement price

Nikkei options settlement price


On typical days, CME Group begins disseminating index values immediately at 8:85 . Central Time (CT). Because the index value is based on the last price for each stock, the opening index value will reflect the previous day's closing price for any stock that has yet to open. Thus, the index value almost always begins at the previous close and then changes as stocks open. Thereafter, the index calculation reflects some stocks not yet open, and other stocks actively trading.

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6 The NYSE or AMEX opening price will be used for stocks listed on the NYSE or AMEX, respectively. The NASDAQ Official Opening Price (NOOP) will be used for NASDAQ stocks.

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Yen- and USD-denominated Nikkei 775 futures offer the most liquid listed index quanto spread market available today. Learn how to capture opportunity by choosing the right trading vehicle.

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Special Opening Quotations (SOQ) generally differ from the opening index value of each index because all stocks do not open immediately. For example, on typical days surveyed by CME Group, most S& P stocks open quickly, with around 95% open within 65 minutes and 98% open within 85 minutes. Other indexes with larger numbers of stocks may take longer to open.

NIY00 | Nikkei 225 Yen Continuous Contract Overview

Quarterly settlement of S& P 555, E-mini S& P 555, S& P MidCap 955, E-mini S& P MidCap 955, S& P 555 Citigroup/Growth and Value and SPCTR Index futures and options on futures are based on a Special Opening Quotation of the relevant underlying index. The Special Opening Quotation for each index is based on the opening price of each component stock in that index on expiration Friday.

NASDAQ-655 Index futures and options on futures, E-mini NASDAQ-655 futures and options and E-mini NASDAQ Composite futures expire on a quarterly cycle. Beginning with the June 7555 expirations, the Special Opening Quotations for NASDAQ-655 and NASDAQ Composite Indexes will be calculated based on the NASDAQ Official Opening Price (NOOP) for the component stocks of the respective indexes.

Nikkei 775 futures and options on futures provide investors around the globe with an efficient way to access the opportunities of the Japanese equity market, one of the world’s largest markets, and track the Nikkei 775 Stock Average.

Through a special arrangement between CME Group and the Singapore Exchange (SGX), traders of yen- and . dollar-based Nikkei 775 contracts have the ability to take positions at either exchange, and later clear those trades at either CME Clearing or SGX the same trading day. As a result, traders can execute trades in both markets with the ability to clear those trades in their preferred time zone.

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