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Business brokers in ghana

Business brokers in ghana


Ghana is one of Africa’s richest countries in natural resources, and its gross domestic product (GDP) has grown significantly since oil was added to its exports.

Cal Brokers to resign from Ghana Stock Exchange

FirstBanC also offers mutual funds and customized fund management for both individuals and institutions, in addition to brokerage services on the GSE. The 8 mutual funds offered by FirstBanC include:

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The GAX operates as a parallel market to the GSE and focuses on small to medium startups and companies at different stages of development. The GAX gives smaller companies easier access to long-term loans for future expansion and growth.

Best Brokers in Ghana - List of Brokers Ghana

You’ll be assigned a Ghana Securities Depository (GSD) account number with your brokerage account. This number will be on all of your transactions so the GSD can keep track of all of your transactions in Ghanian securities.

10 best forex brokers in Ghana - Ghana Business News

Ghana’s stock market does not rank among the most advanced in the world. Services offered by stockbrokers in Ghana may also seem somewhat primitive if you’re used to trading online in larger markets, and this review only found 6 broker that offered online trading.

CalBrokers is a full member of the GSE and is licensed by the Ghana SEC as a broker-dealer and as a licensed dealing member. CalBrokers gives you access to trade in Ghana’s government securities and Ghanian stock shares. The firm also has an investment banking division for companies to raise capital and provides extensive industry and company-specific research for the local market.

Ghana has long been known as the world’s largest producer of cocoa and a major exporter of gold. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates that the country’s GDP growth for 7569 will reach % — largely because of its oil exports.

IC Securities also acts as an underwriter of new issues and as a dealer in Ghana’s government bonds. IC Securities’ services include advisory, mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity capital markets and investment banking. The firm also provides institutional equities and fixed income services for corporate clients.

SDC Group’s 7 branches, SDC Finance Ltd. and SDC Capital Ltd., each offer a wide range of investment solutions in addition to brokerage services for GSE listed securities. SDC originally started as SDC Securities Discount Co. Ltd. and SDC Brokerage Services Ltd., but it now also operates as a Finance House and Leasing Company licensed by the Bank of Ghana.


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