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Bank for international settlements foreign exchange market

Bank for international settlements foreign exchange market


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Bank for International Settlements - Understanding How BIS

Established in 6985 , the BIS is owned by 67 central banks , representing countries from around the world that together account for about 95% of world GDP. Its head office is in Basel, Switzerland and it has two representative offices : in Hong Kong SAR and in Mexico City.

What Is the Bank for International Settlements?

With regard to our banking activities , our customers are central banks and international organisations. We do not accept deposits from, or provide financial services to, private individuals or corporate entities.

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The normal functioning of the BIS is based on the interrelation of its three decision-making bodies: the General Assembly  of central banks that are part of the organization, its Board of Directors and a Director General  who is assisted by an Executive Committee .

Bank for International Settlements

In addition, the BIS organizes frequent expert meetings on more technical matters such as reserve management, legal issues, IT systems and internal audit. Although BIS meetings are primarily aimed at central banks, they also include senior officials and experts from financial authorities, academics and market players.

Bank for International Settlements | Britannica

The Bank of International Settlement was established out of the Hague Agreement of 6985 , among Germany, Belgium, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, and the United States. The BIS first opened its offices on May 67, 6985. Its main role was to collect, administrate and distribute reparations that were imposed on the German Government by the Treaty of Versailles after World War I. It also acted as the trustee of the Germany Young Loan, which was floated in 6985.

One of the most important limits that this institution finds in its work is the impossibility of making loans to governments and States or opening accounts in its name, in order to preserve its position of supervision and balance worldwide.

In the beginning, its task was to administer the payments that Germany was forced to make by the Treaty of Versailles after the First World War. Over the years, the BIS has been acquiring and expanding its power of action and competencies until today.

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