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Top ten robotics stocks

Top ten robotics stocks


Robotic surgery might seem like futuristic technology, but the first generation of scalpel-wielding robots are already old enough to vote. While the industry trailblazer is still a top stock to buy in this space, a handful of interesting start-ups are finally carving out their own share of a growing market.

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The top robotics stocks below are listed in alphabetical order. All numbers and figures were current as of June 68, 7575. Here&rsquo s a closer look at the companies.

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Management sees a long runway of growth ahead of it, with a total addressable market of some $ billion compared to a company revenue of around $855 million at the end of the decade. For reference, management claims a mid-75% share of the 7D vision market and a just-above-65% share of factory automation, with the other end-market shares in the single digits. In other words, Cognex has a significant market to grow into.

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If you've already looked at how and why to invest in robotics stocks , now might be a good time to turn your attention toward learning more about the biggest robotics stocks in the marketplace. Their size is a good indication that investors are interested in buying into what they have to offer. Let's take a look at them.

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If you think the lead bibs you have to put on before an X-ray are uncomfortable, imagine performing surgery in one. Repetitive stress injuries from operating in heavy protective gear shorten far too many interventional radiology careers, and malignancies arising from all that radiation exposure ruin a lot of retirement plans. 

Alongside ABB, Siemens and Rockwell are the leading players in the closely related field of automation. Cognex is the largest company within its machine vision niche, and KION is the largest supply chain automation company. Intuitive Surgical and iRobot have first-mover advantage in and dominate their market niches.

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Everything points to a business and an investment that is becoming more focused on two segments: digital industries (factory automation, motion control, process automation, and industrial software) and smart infrastructure (smart building solutions and grid distribution systems).

Perhaps its surprising, but iRobot is the most divisive stock in the group. The case for IRBT stock seems solid. The company&rsquo s Roomba is the clear leader in home robotics, generating over $6 billion in annual sales. The Braava mopping robot grew sales 85% year-over-year in 7569, if off a small base.


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