Laser Reversal indicator for MT4

The secret trend reversal indicator

The secret trend reversal indicator


First off, you get the Better Tillson Moving Average indicator. And on top of that, you ll also get access to the ENTIRE collection of 99+ top-rated custom indicators. Including Trend Focus, Swing Force, Scientific Scalper, Better Trend Trading, Logic Day Trading, Candle Meter, Precision Strength Meter, Drag & Drop Volume Profile and more.

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The majority of forex masters depend on this pattern. It is based on a trend movement and shows when the direction of the current trend changes and another one is in the establishment stage.

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There are some typical things that every beginner trader does. First of all, the trader tries to find an ideal entry to the market. Then, the studying stage begins – contrarian and wave theories, Japanese candlestick reveals, oscillator divergence and more others. Newcomers believe only in everything that oscillators and indicators show. All decisions and strategies are made on the base of indicators or oscillators, and every new one necessarily works with previous.

It’s no surprise the higher timeframe carries more weight than the lower timeframes. This means a Support on the weekly timeframe is more significant than a Support on a 6-hour timeframe.

At this point, it’s clear the area of Support is an important level as it’s the last line of defense for the buyers. If it breaks, it’s pretty much game over for the bulls.

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The Scalping Secret System welcomes newbie traders struggling to trade following the market trend correctly because of its simplicity of use and reliable trading signals. It is suitable to use at any Forex currency pair window and fits well with all sorts of timeframe charts.

This is AUD/USD daily time-frame. And in this case, as soon as the market stops moving sideways and starts a new downtrend, the Laser Reversal indicator recognizes this market change almost immediately, and gives you a signal FAST.


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