What Is a Put Option? Examples and How to Trade Them in

Short put option strategy

Short put option strategy


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Because in the money put options are instantly more valuable, they will be more expensive. When buying put options, it is often advisable to buy out of the money options if you are very bearish on the stock as they will be less expensive. xA5

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A put option is a contract that gives an investor the right, but not the obligation, to sell shares of an underlying security at a set price at a certain time. Unlike a call option, a put option is typically a bearish bet on the market, meaning that it profits when the price of an underlying security goes down. xA5

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Hello Peter,

Now I am confused about how the seller of a put closes out his position. He will buy the same contract with the same strike price and expiry date to offset the one he sold. Now, who does he buy it from and how does this close out his position as the seller of the put contract and leaves him with no obligation?

Thank you once gain for your help.

Just like with call options, put options can be bought through brokerages xA5 like Fidelity xA5 or TD Ameritrade ( AMTD ) - Get Report . Because options are financial instruments similar to stocks or bonds, they are tradable in a similar fashion. However, the process of buying put options is slightly different given that they are essentially a contract on underlying securities (instead of buying the securities outright). xA5

One bonus of a bear put spread is that volatility is essentially a nonissue given that the investor is both long and short on the option (so long as your options aren&apos t dramatically out of the money ). And, time decay, much like volatility, won&apos t be as much of an issue given the balanced structure of the spread. xA5 xA5

While the general motivation behind trading a put option is to capitalize on being bearish on a particular stock, there are plenty of different strategies that can minimize risk or maximize bearishness. xA5


Thank you. I think I understand now. So there is no actual interest fees the trader is paying for that margin being issued from the broker for selling non-cash secured puts. But there will be hold placed on a part of your account funds while the sold put is in play, thus not being free for other trades.

Not being charged a interest fee on the non-cash secured margin amount while selling puts seems like a pretty good deal to me.

I appreciate you being patient with some of us newer traders as we try to understand the game.

Thanks again

Peter, it turns out there weren t any buyers for that option I was selling -- problem solved.

I have another question, and I asked a similar one to this in the Long Call entry on this site.

If I write a Short Put for $6 and lets say the value of that contract increases to $7 and now I want turn a profit. Is the person who buys the short put contract from me now obligated to fulfill the contract instead of me?


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