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Oil trading manual pdf free download

Oil trading manual pdf free download


Featured chapters are written by a range of expert professionals who have hands-on experience of working in the oil and gas market and who can therefore describe to readers the issues to watch out for.

BP integrated supply & trading (IST)

HFW Partner Paul Aston authored the two chapters 'Main features of contracts for the sale of crude oil and refined products including LPG' and 'Bills of lading', abstracts of which are available to download here:

Oil and Gas Handbook | Internal Revenue Service

David Long, the editor of OTM, is a partner in Oxford Petroleum Research Associates. He specialises in the operation and development of oil and gas markets. He is a regular contributor to various newsletters. He began his career at BP in 6977, in the Corporate Planning and Supply Department and he later spent two years in studying at Oxford Institute for Energy Studies.

Part 6 Characteristics: The trading of oil Physical characteristics and refining Oil pricing arrangements. Part 7 Instruments and markets: Crude oil markets Product markets Futures and forward contracts Forward paper markets Oil futures exchanges Options Swaps Long dated oil markets. Part 8 Administration: Operations and logistics Credit control Accounting Taxation of oil trading Contracts Legal and regulatory issues Controlling financial risk.

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