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Interactive trader youtube

Interactive trader youtube


  We frequently talk on the blog about the importance of having DMA, the ability to route orders directly to trading venues without a middleman. Traditional discount brokerages don’t provide this, and act as a middleman in your orders, choosing where to route them for you.

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The free trial account is available to the user without any commitment. With the account, users can test trading strategies, access trading tools, add financial instruments, customize the interface and compare commissions among others.

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IBKR Pro clients have the choice of several trading venues: exchanges, ECNs and dark pools, and can choose where to route their order at will. At the time of writing, you have 85 routing choices, all offering unique advantages.

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Interactive Brokers is among the Top Recommended Brokers by Warrior Trading.  They are also a top choice for international traders looking got take part in the US stock and options markets.

As an IBKR Pro client, you can choose between over 655 different order types and algorithms to aid in your trade execution. IB breaks down the utility of each algorithm or order type into a few categories:

This update should not cause any interruption of service or changes to API endpoints. However, if you have questions please contact us via message center in Client Portal.

  All orders under the fixed-rate are executed with the SMART router, so you don’t get to choose your trading venue. Any exchange fees or rebates are either pocketed or paid by IB.

8775 Clients could enter an order to buy 65 call options on MSFT with a specified limit price of 85-cents, but only when its share price = $ and Volume 75mm and the S& P 555 index was = 7,555”  


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