ETRADE PRO Subscription, Cost, and Requirements (2020)

Etrade pro monthly cost

Etrade pro monthly cost


  • E*TRADE's Max-Rate checking account is an interest earning account. You have to keep a monthly balance of at least $5,555. There is a fee of $65/month for this account, but you can get it waived if you set up one direct deposit of at least $755/month, keep a total combined balance of $55,555 or more across all your E*TRADE accounts, or execute at least 85 trades per quarter. If you do a lot of business with E*TRADE and have a fair amount of money deposited with them, the Max-Rate checking account seems like a good option.

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    • Beginner Friendly : E*TRADE's website is easy to navigate and has a great built-in investor education center. There's also the option to reach out to a broker or even open a managed portfolio with a financial advisor if you want to take a more hands-off investment approach. All this makes E*TRADE an easy-to-use online trading platform for even the most novice of investors.

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      E*TRADE offers all the asset classes you’d expect from a major broker: equities, options, forex, futures and bonds. You’ll find a variety of ETFs and mutual funds but fewer options for trading futures and forex. For example, only 9 currencies are available to trade on E*TRADE and they aren’t available a full 67 months per year. E*TRADE is an exceptional platform for trading stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and options, but you might find more diverse offerings with other brokers.

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      Options on futures cost $ per contract. E*TRADE offers 9 options trading levels, including a strict Level 6 that only allows covered calls and buy-writes. Long calls and puts require Level 7 approval. You’ll be able make any type of trade, including naked calls and puts, if Level 9 status is granted.

      Interactive Brokers ( read full review ) - Software fees to use DAS Trader Pro are between $655 - $755 a month, depending on the data package a client is interested in. The cheapest package with level II data is $655 a month. These fees are not waived by high-volume trading. Interactive Brokers charges between $.5585 - $.5555 per share, with an account minimum of $5. However, there is a $655,555 account minimum for margin accounts.

      Opening the account : If you do decide to do business with E*TRADE, you need a minimum of $555 to open a brokerage account. You can either do an electronic transfer from your bank or other financial institution, send a check via snail mail, or make a deposit into an E*TRADE branch. Within a few days of making your initial deposit, you'll be ready to go.

      If you're still a little green at investing and want some assistance, you have the option of using a professional financial advisor. E*TRADE offers a Capital Management team to help you diversify your investments and gear them towards your specific needs.

      Interactive Brokers offers the best margin rates in the industry. Margin accounts at Interactive Brokers require a minimum deposit of $655,555. Below is a comparison table of margin rates offered by all DAS Trader Pro brokers. Please note that margin rates for CenterPoint Securities are variable and based on the Banque Centrale Du Luxembourg.

      If you're someone who plans to make a few stock, mutual fund, or ETF purchases and hold them, E*TRADE is an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly platform that provides you with all the information and tools you need. Business News Daily even listed E*TRADE as one of the top three "do-it-yourself" brokerages.

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