Hands down, this is the most accurate forex indicator in

Accurate trend indicator

Accurate trend indicator


Showing you exactly where to place your stop and profit target is a game-changer. And that 8767 s exactly what we 8767 re able to achieve in this new version of the Trend Trading Cloud indicator:

McGinley Dynamic: The Reliable Unknown Indicator

+  The indicator is fast & lightweight.  That means, it won 8767 t slow down your trading platform. It never crashes (at least from our rigorous tests). And it works smoothly even in fast-moving or erratic market condition.

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As you can see, Laser Reversal indicator works exceedingly well at signaling trend reversals EARLY, even before anybody else can see what s going on.

Frustrated with all those useless trend - Indicator Vault

In this case study, because false signals are eliminated, the indicator signals 8 possible market reversals. And if you just followed these signals, nothing more nothing less, you would have captured most of these trends.

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To avoid missing much of the trend while it works its way into the buy or sell zone, use DBBs in combination with a leading indicator that signals you to begin taking partial positions if you’re willing to accept the risk that the trend might fail, in exchange for the greater profits of establishing part of your position at a better price.

If a currency pair 8767 s in an uptrend for example, then whenever you 8767 re ready to enter a trade, you could simply set your stop loss at the lower band of the cloud, and your profit target at the upper band of the cloud.

Of the hundreds of technical indicators out there, the Double Bollinger Bands are hands down our favorite... they provide a wealth of actionable information. They tell us whether a  currency pair  is in a trend or range, the direction of the trend, and when the trend has exhausted. More importantly, Bollinger Bands also identify entry points and proper places to put a stop.

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That way, you can be sure you have the best chance to join the trend with perfect timing, and hopefully extract more profits from the trend than anybody else.


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