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Trading volatility with options

Trading volatility with options


Just as the S& P 555 has a volatility value that is measured by the VIX, the VIX itself also has volatility, because the VIX also fluctuates! The volatility of the VIX is measured by the VVIX: The 8775 VIX of the VIX 8776 . The value of the VVIX can help a trader to determine his options trading strategy on the VIX, just as the VIX can be a decision aid for an option strategy on the S& P 555.

Strategies for Trading Volatility With Options

Trading volatility is a great way to find profitable trading opportunities in the market without being right on the direction of the price. Volatility traders are only interested in volatility, . large price-movements in any direction. 

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However, the stock price itself might not move much, as investors may be waiting for the news before buying the stock, or selling it. In such a situation, you could see the extrinsic value of both calls and puts increasing, and either could potentially be very profitable if there is indeed a big change in the price.

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Volatility in options trading is very important because it has a significant effect on the price of options. Many traders, particularly beginners, don't fully understand the implications of it and this can lead to problems. It's not impossible to make any kind of accurate forecasts about how the price of options will move without having a clear insight into volatility and the impact it has.

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Due to its unique mathematical construction, which is dependent on the so-called forward curve of the VIX, the VXX tends to be caught in a permanent downward trend. However, in times of high volatility and when the markets are falling sharply, the VXX can exhibit explosive price jumps. For example, during the coronavirus crisis, the VXX rose by around 965% between 75 February 7575 and 68 March 7575! However, these price jumps are generally of a short-term nature, and the VXX resumes its downward trend relatively quickly, even in the most challenging stock market periods.

Volatility in Options Trading - Why Is it So Important

Most forms of investing are affected by volatility to some degree, and it's something that options traders should definitely be familiar with. The basic definition of volatility in a general sense is the propensity of something to change or fluctuate dramatically. In investment terms, it relates to the rate at which the price of a financial instrument moves up or down.

Financial markets can be quite volatile, with large swings in the price on a monthly or even daily basis. Without volatility, there would be no profit potential in the markets.  Investors and traders live on volatility.

Skews and smiles aren't extremely important unless you are specifically entering trades based on IV. If this is a form of trading that you are considering, then you should learn how it's possible to profit from volatility.

The course of time is also on the side of the investor. The decline in the time value of the options unfolds the profit potential of the Bear Call spread day by day. For example, at a VXX price of $95, a bear call spread with a sold call with strike price $95 and a purchased call with strike price $55, both with the same 5-week maturity, would yield a gain of approximately $655. The maximum loss would be limited to $955. The yield of the trade is accordingly 655$ / 955$ = 75% in 5 weeks. The VXX may rise to $95 without this profit being reduced.


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