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Trading systems portfolio management ag

Trading systems portfolio management ag


As the name implies OptiRisk’s specialisation lies in Optimization and Risk Analysis. We exploit these techniques and build solutions for financial trading and investment portfolio management. OptiRisk also offers products and value added services for Asset and Liability Management (ALM) and Sentiment Analysis. In particular, we develop models and software systems that use Optimization for the purpose of investment decision-making, portfolio management and risk management. We are renowned for our modelling capabilities in Stochastic Optimization and Optimization under Uncertainty. Our software solutions cover trading in:

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Browse our range of portfolio and fund management systems for the fund, asset and portfolio management sector. Our reputable fund management system vendors can provide your company with the software to meet your investment requirements.

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From real-time risk analysis to aggregation of internal and external asset managers, anyone who is evaluating how to operationally and technically manage their portfolios needs to understand the growing universe of suppliers and the possible disruptors. Asset and fund managers need to know what is available in the portfolio system marketplace in order to utilize technology to their competitive advantage. The goal is the right fit of technology to achieve optimal investment return objectives, being cost-efficient while minimizing operational risk. Having the right portfolio system setup is a major step along this path.

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Futures Trading systems are fully-automated trading programs able to execute orders at high-speeds following trading algorithms created by the trading system developer. Browse our futures trading systems database to review a list of futures and commodities trading systems that meet our requirements.

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The ATOM Align system is exciting! With so much functionality, we are able to improve our efficiency with particular emphasis in modeling portfolios to align them to our strategic targets.”

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Background: The investment industry manages funds in excess of $65tn globally. Managers of ‘Active’ funds seek to deliver a return in excess of the broad market and charge fees of - % per annum, whereas ‘passive’ funds use models which track indices and carry much lower fees. In recent years, there has been a trend towards designing hybrid ‘enhanced index’ or ‘index-plus’ funds with a similar cost to index-trackers, but with some of the upside potential of the active funds. OptiRisk has adopted this and built its own stock trading signals product.

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Portfolio Management & Trading Solutions from Fiserv offer complete portfolio management capabilities that provide today’s investment managers with critical portfolio management, trading and administrative tools – all in an integrated environment.

Portfolio Management & Trading Solutions offer an integrated product suite that supports the entire investment management process – from account screening and portfolio validation to order generation and trade execution. It has been designed to fit within a firm’s existing operational architecture.


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