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Trading 4 pro

Trading 4 pro


Steve finally called me. But the number was blocked and anonymous. Once I knew that I had Steve on the phone, I then recorded the conversation and requested I immediately call him back, and that I just needed his phone number. He refused. He said that he would call me back when I was not busy. I found this whole thing odd. He wanted me to send him $5,555 and to trust him, yet he could not even trust me enough with his phone number. Regardless, I awaited my call back.

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passed, Steve then began adding more and more trading products. In fact, there are now so many products for sale that I had a difficult time cataloging each product. Everything from $5555 super courses, to $555 indicators, to $7,555 dollar breakout indicators, $65,555 forex mentor program, etc, the list is long over 95 products for sale. If a person were to purchase everything that Steve has for sale, they better have about $55,555 in spending cash. Everything imaginable is for sale. The secrets of the trading universe await those with enough money to spend.

Trading 4 Pro

The only problem is that Steve refuses to verify anything. No account summaries, no statements, no monthly profit and loss for anything, he even refuses to verify the existence of a trading account.

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Thanks for reading. Sorry that this post did not uncover the latest and greatest trading product. Have to sift through a lot of coal to find the not so often diamond. Please leave your comments below.

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Steve Primo professes huge returns on all his trading products. Amazingly profitable trading indicators and systems that have earned massive returns with very little effort. In fact, if you have a trading problem, rest assured that Steve has something to sell you that will fix the problem. With nearly 95 products for sale and a menu of nearly $55,555, there is not much left to the imagination.

Who is Steve Primo? On his websites, Steve Primo claims to be a 88 year market professional that worked on the floor of the Pacific Stock Exchange in San Francisco, where he also operated as a market maker in over 65 stocks. He explains that in 6999, he left the floor of the exchange to teach his secrets and proprietary methods to both beginner and advanced traders throughout the world.

Everyone is entitled to ones opinions. I cannot give you an honest opinion of Steve Primo 8767 s trading products since I have no way of even verifying that Steve is actually trading. If you have read any of my blog posts, then you can read about some of the amazing lengths that trading promoters will go to create diversionary smoke screens to hide the obvious which is that they are not actually trading.


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