7Best Stock Simulator Apps for iPhone to Practise Trading

Stock practice account app

Stock practice account app


How much will you risk on each trade? 6% to 7% is a good conservative number. If you make 55 to 655 trades, you will be well placed to know if you have what it takes to be profitable trader. Any less and you will not know if the results were just good or bad luck. 655 trades starts to separate winners from “unprofitable” traders.

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Yet that does not necessarily mean you shouldn’t use demo accounts. It simply means you need to be aware of the risks, so you can prepare for the differences when you do start trading with real capital.

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Key Features : Popular as Facebook of Finance, Easy to interpret and understand the financial information and Build a trading scorecard with ease | Download: Invstr

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Key Features : Create trader groups to compete with the friends, Match the performance of other traders and Real Quote data update through automatic refresh | Download : Stock Wars

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On top of that, you can get their forex demo account in app form, where you can play around with up to €65,555 in virtual funds. Also, app reviews have been quick to highlight the sleek and easy-to-navigate interface.

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We’ve ranked the best stock market simulators. All of them offer terrific platforms, but the top selections on this list will have all the features an advanced trader can ask for.

The tools and features available in the apps differ by design, but hybrid investors (swing traders, for example) may find themselves switching between the two to get access to the tools and analysis they need.

tastyworks isn’t a household name like some of the biggest brokerage firms, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t the best at what it does. Its app is ultra focused on options trading. While those are not exactly shares of stock, many options trade based on stock price movements, so tastyworks earns a mention on this list.

Fidelity is a top brokerage for beginner investors and anyone with a focus on long-term and retirement investments. It’s full-service, with a wide range of account and investment types supported. With $5 stock and ETF trades, you get a lot of services at a low cost.


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