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Penny share trading south africa

Penny share trading south africa


Before you start buying, decide which penny stocks you 8767 re going to invest in and how much you 8767 re going to invest in each one. It 8767 s also important to decide what price you 8767 d sell at if the shares were to fall and stick to it to avoid the 8775 I 8767 ll just hold a little longer and see if the price jumps back up 8776 mentality. The same applies for gains.

How to find penny stocks

Understandably, penny share prices get over-excited on good news. New buyers chase the shares higher for a period before the inevitable sell-off begins. The rally can be over as quickly as it began, as in the case of Fitbug.

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Many penny shares - and not just mining and oil stocks - make little or no money. A contract win here, a deal done there, can therefore have a significant impact on profits.

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This happens for several reasons. First, some investors will have got in at much lower levels and will be willing sellers at higher prices. Market makers may also try and shake out sellers by marking the shares lower. Buyers then move in at cheaper prices. It's great two-way business for market makers.

Not every penny stock is an equally good investment. All penny stocks are risky by nature — but you can limit your risk by searching for these 8 key features.

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Indeed, often there is little by way of fundamentals to hold up the share price of many penny shares after a meteoric rise it's just investor optimism. These companies cannot afford to miss forecasts.

In the FTSE Aim All-Share index there are currently 678 companies whose shares are trading at less than one penny. More than 855 stocks change hands for less than 65p, and well over 655 trade at under 655p. Even in the FTSE All-Share there are more than 55 companies whose shares trade at less than 655p.

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