Lorex vs. Night Owl Cameras

Owl options

Owl options


OWL submersion ratings far surpassed the goals for the project. We rate OWL for 755 feet of continuous submersion for 79 hours. So when it comes to waterproofing and submersion, the OWL is not the weakest link on your gun.

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If you’d like to use your own speaker, that won’t work. The Meeting Owl uses audio and visual cues to focus on what’s happening in the room. If say, you were using the speakers from your TV, it would keep looking at the TV instead of you!

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8775 Hardcoat 8776 anodizing, Black Nitride, and even Gold-plating on conductive surfaces. No expenses spared. The highest level of corrosion resistance on the market.

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Pick the Meeting Owl option that is best for your space. The Meeting Owl is perfect for huddle spaces and smaller rooms up to 9 x 67 feet. The mic pickup range for the Meeting Owl is a 67-foot radius.

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Seeing is believing when it comes to performance. So we had professional pictures taken. The camera was about 65 yards off the targets, between the weapon lights and the target. And then we just kept moving the weapon lights further away. This shows you the actual light on the target at those distances.

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Weapon lights are exposed to the elements. Including water. If your light is not as submersible as everything else on your gun, it 8767 s a liability. So OWL is waterproof. To levels others are not.

You won’t find cameras that are easy to steal with either Lorex or Night Owl Security. Many of the Lorex and Night Owl cameras require secure mounting to help them stay in place, making them more resistant against theft. Their outdoor cameras are also designed with weatherproof qualities.

What happens if water gets into the OWL? Nothing. OWL has an isolated electrical system that 8767 s sealed from water. It still works just fine if there is water in it. And you simply air dry it when able.

In the event your Meeting Owl or Meeting Owl Pro falls off of WiFi, your core camera, mic, and speaker will continue to work just fine. Just plug the USB to your computer and run your meeting.


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