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Option money management

Option money management


Adhere to a maximum entry price (or, for option-selling strategies, a minimum entry price). The price at which you enter each trade plays a crucial role in determining your ultimate profit or loss on the position, so it makes sense to determine -- in advance -- how much you're willing to pay for the option. To help you stick with this rule, use limit orders instead of market orders to control your entry price.

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Trading involves probability and you 8767 re not guaranteed profits always. However, by employing a good money management strategy, you can always be sure that your account will continue to grow.

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You should play calls and puts only with dedicated trading capital -- never with your savings, next month's mortgage payment, or any other cash you can't afford to lose. Not only is this good common sense, but it helps to keep irrational emotions out of your trading decisions.

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See Martingale evangelists view options trading like betting. Each trade has a 55/55 chance of winning or losing. In addition, there 8767 s no way that you can have an infinite losing streak. More so, the probability of losing decreases with the number of trades you make.

Losing trades can put a dent in your account balance. You want to recover your money. So you decide to increase the amount to invest in the next trade. Hoping it will be a winner and therefore recover your lost money.

This can be broken down into $55 for the first trade, $75 for the second and $85 for the third. Note that the $755 is a fraction of your total account balance. In addition, you 8767 ll only trade this amount until it 8767 s depleted.

The same concepts can be applied when managing your money too. You should be trading using capital that you can afford to lose avoid overstretching yourself. As effective risk and money management is absolutely crucial to successful options trading, it's a subject that you really need to understand. On this page we look at some of the methods you can, and should, use for managing your risk exposure and controlling your budget.

For example, besides having a certain amount set for trading each time, you must also decide how many consecutive losing trades you 8767 re willing to incur before stopping for the day. In addition, your strategy should state when to trade and when not to trade.

This however is a high risk strategy. It implies investing an amount you would have made (but didn 8767 t) in a trade. If you 8767 re a beginner trader, it 8767 s advisable to avoid using this capital management strategy especially if you don 8767 t have a huge account balance.


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