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Negative spread finance

Negative spread finance


“It’s highly technical. It’s the way traders hedge the long end of the curve. And these are not the droids you seek.” And then I would wave my hand in front of your face, you’d realize no one cares about the 85 year part of the curve, and we would go back to discussing the important details of your specific financing.

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You have to see very well the inexplicable rate fluctuations when doing the Forex trade. Why the market declines when it should be fundamentally good, why the market falls when the other indicators result are very good, I think anyone have experiences such conditions. I often hear voices incurring loss from such situations.

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Also, Treasurys and swaps heavily rely on the repo market to fund positions, but capital restraints have limited the use of repo, which in turn has impacted swap trading volume and pricing. Hedge funds and prop desks would typically come into the market to reverse an inversion by using the repo market to buy Treasurys and enter into a pay fixed swap. Without the repo market, that trade has faded.

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In statistics, a negatively skewed (also known as left-skewed) distribution is a type of distribution in which more values are concentrated on the right side (tail) of the distribution graph while the left tail of the distribution graph is longer.

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But what about those pesky 85yr swap spreads that have been negative since the crisis? Are you saying the government is more risky than an AA-rated financial institution? And if so, doesn’t that suggest a greater problem?

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Said another way, the swap rate suggests cost of funds for a highly rated bank. Think Wells Fargo. If the swap spread was 65bps, then we would expect Wells to price 65yr bonds at 65T + 65bps.

The other thing a sell-off does is suddenly make new bond issuance more attractive because of the higher rates. Maybe investor demand wasn’t there when you were pricing off a 7% 65T, but all of a sudden there is enough demand when you’ll be pricing off a % 65T. That leads us to the next point.

9. Corporate Issuance
Corporate bond issuance has already broken the record for most in a year and we still have 6 weeks left in the year. Treasurers, like China, are trying to get in front of the Fed.

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