What is online trading? Definition and meaning

Meaning of online trading system

Meaning of online trading system


Well, you&apos ve guessed it -- options trading is simply trading options, and is typically done with securities on the stock or bond market (as well as ETFs and the like). xA5

What is Online Trading - Know the Advantages of Online

A covered call works by buying 655 shares of a regular stock and selling one call option per 655 shares of that stock. This kind of strategy can help reduce the risk of your current stock investments but also provides you an opportunity to make profit with the option.

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Covered calls can make you money when the stock price increases or stays pretty constant over the time of the option contract. However, you could lose money with this kind of trade if the stock price falls too much (but can actually still make money if it only falls a little bit). But by using this strategy, you are actually protecting your investment from decreases in share price while giving yourself the opportunity to make money while the stock price is flat. xA5

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If an option (whether a put or call option) is going to be out of the money by its expiration date, you can sell options in order to collect a time premium. xA5

However, for put options (right to sell), the opposite is true - with strike prices below the current share price being considered out of the money and vice versa. And, what&apos s more important - any out of the money options (whether call or put options) are worthless at expiration (so you really want to have an in the money option when trading on the stock market). xA5

There are numerous strategies you can employ when options trading - all of which vary on risk, reward and other factors. And while there are dozens of strategies (most of them fairly complicated), here are a few main strategies that have been recommended for beginners. xA5

­The market has become more accessible, but that doesn't mean you should take online trading lightly. In this article, we'll look at the different types of online trading accounts, as well as how to choose an online brokerage, make trades and protect yourself from fraud.

It allows you to have complete control over your portfolio. You can place trade orders from anywhere anytime. That is the kind of flexibility you get due to online trading.

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