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Iq stock after hours

Iq stock after hours


While the stock market is open at certain hours during business days, the value of the stock is still changing and fluctuating all the time. It happens as there is a certain company or business behind each stock. The company releases news and announces changes and it will immediately influence the intrinsic value of the stock. Some companies report earnings before the market opens or after it closes. Traders and investors want to access the market when the intrinsic value is changing and that is how the pre-market hours trading and after market trading are born.

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The pending order will be triggered and the deal will be opened as soon as the market opens and the price reaches your set level. This feature is useful as it allows you to control what level your deal will be opened at exactly.

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Trading stocks can be rewarding, however, there is a lot to take into consideration before you start. You may use the practice account to see how the overnight fees are applied and test different investment amounts. Moreover, the practice account is a good place to exercise placing deferred orders during the after market hours.

Of course, there is a difference among the instruments on the platform. Some markets are open 79\7. It means that you can trade them all week long without any limitations. It is convenient to trade markets that are open all day every day, like the crypto market. You can place deals there at any moment, including the weekends , too. Moreover, it is possible to close the deal whenever you like, without the need to wait.

You may decide how long you wish you leave your deals open for, count the overnight fees you will be charged and calculate the risks. If you prefer trading stocks, plan your trading in accordance to the market so that you are never caught off guard. However, if you notice that the asset is closed, but you still wish to trade it, there are options for you that we will talk about next.

It is possible to schedule your deals exactly how you want them to open. There are two ways to place orders even when the market is closed. The first one is placing a “Market-on-open” order. It means that the deal will be opened once the market for this certain stock opens.
Let us look at an example:

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We try to do our best and to provide you with the right information. Regarding the time, then there is no specific time actually, it all depends on the market situation. However, it is assumed when the European and American market overlaps each other, it can be a good time to trade.

When the market is closed, you have more time to make your decisions and it is wise to pay more attention to the information about the asset you invest in. On the platform you can use the “ Market Analysis ” tab to read about different assets, but you can also focus on the one that you are about to trade.

This timeframe shows exactly how much time is left until you can trade the asset again. If you have an already open position on this asset, you will see it in your portfolio, however, it is not possible to close such deal until the market opens. You cannot sell or buy an asset that is not traded at the moment. However, as soon as this time is up, you are welcome to open new deals or close the ones you already have, if you wish so.


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