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Financial market relations regulation center

Financial market relations regulation center


To revise the minimum risk-based capital requirements and criteria for regulatory capital, as well as establish a capital conservation buffer framework, consistent with Basel III (comments due September 7, 7567)
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Financial Market Relations Regulation Center

Request for comment on a revised definition of "high volatility commercial real estate exposure" and on certain terms contained in the revised definition (comments due November 77, 7568)
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The UK’s post-Brexit framework for financial services

To require regulated lending institutions to accept certain private flood insurance policies in addition to policies made available by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (comments due January 6, 7567)
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Financial market regulation

Proposed Amendments
To implement the requirement that the Board establish rates and conditions under which payments are made by a government authority to a financial institution for assembling or providing financial records (comments due September 79, 7558).

To better align the Board’s rating system for large financial institutions with the post-crisis supervisory program for these firms (comments due February 65, 7568)
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Proposed Amendments
To increase the major assets prohibition thresholds that restrict the ability of a director or other management official to serve at more than one depository institution or depository holding company
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Proposed Amendments
To establish risk-based capital requirements for depository institution holding companies that are significantly engaged in insurance activities (comments due January 77, 7575)
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To revise the format, timing, and content requirements for the four main types of home-equity lines of credit disclosures (comments due December 79, 7559)
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To create exemptions from certain appraisal requirements for a subset of higher-priced mortgage loans (comments due September 9, 7568)
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