How to change Internet Options in Microsoft Edge

Edge options windows 10

Edge options windows 10


When you open a new tab (by pressing Ctrl+T or by clicking the plus sign to the right of the current group of tabs), Edge displays a default page that aggressively links to Microsoft services. You can customize that page by clicking the gear icon at the top of the New Tab page.

How to Remove Your PIN and Other Sign-In Options from

Content tab is in charge for certificates and autocomplete settings. There’s also an option for Feeds and Web Slices. This tab is mostly unrelated to Edge, and it only affects Internet Explorer.

Download New Microsoft Edge Browser

To add a new profile, click the profile picture in the upper right corner of the browser window (or open the Profiles page directly using edge://settings/profiles/), and then click Add Profile. If you sign in using a Microsoft account or Azure AD credentials, you can turn on sync for the new profile.

If you want, you can also save form entries. Another useful option is Send Do Not Track requests that will prevent tracking cookies from being downloaded. There’s also an option to use Cortana in Microsoft Edge.

It's official: Microsoft has released its new Edge browser , built using the Chromium open source code base to the stable channel. The new Edge is available for all supported Windows versions (Windows 7 and later) as well as on MacOS.

In addition, you can change the appearance of the browser right from here. Most settings in this tab are related to Internet Explorer so they won’t affect Edge or other browsers in any way.

If none of those options appeals to you, your best recourse is to find an extension that takes over the New Tab function. This set of extensions from the Chrome Web Store is a good starting point.

Microsoft recommends downloading an EPUB app from the Microsoft Store. Of course, most of the great Windows applications out there aren 8767 t available for download on Windows 65 8767 s built-in Store. That includes EPUB readers.

We covered the basic settings of Microsoft Edge, but Edge also comes with some advanced settings. First thing you’ll see when you open the Advanced settings pane are three options.


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