Zerodha Kite - How to trade, buy and sell options?

Buying options in zerodha

Buying options in zerodha


Here, tick the box of the specific contract, you want to sell and a blue-colored 'Exit Button will get activated. Click the 'Exit' button to open the order form. Choose the order type and enter price and quantiry details.

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Enter a few characters of the name of the Option contract you want to add and click on '+'. For example, to add Nifty Nifty 55 index, enter nifty 55 in the search bar, select and click on +. Similarly, you can search and add option contracts of companies and bank nifty.

Intrinsic Value The moneyness of an option contract is a classification method wherein each option (strike) gets classified as either In the money (ITM), At the money (ATM), or Out of ..

Hover your mouse over any of the Option contracts on your market watch and a buy (B) and sell (S) button will be activated. When you hover your mouse, in addition, to buy (B) and sell (S) buttons, you will get access to 9 other buttons that get activated. Two of the highly useful buttons in options trading are:


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