6Best Professional Stock Market Apps for iPhone and iPad 2020

Best ipad stock chart application

Best ipad stock chart application


Here is another screener that I really like.  If you select any screener, in this case, I selected the 8775 Strong Buys Screener 8776 the Fair Value Screener and simply selected the 8775 Fair Value 8776 tab, you are rewarded with arguably the killer features of Stock Rover.  The Fair Value and Margin of Safety analysis and rankings.

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Recommended for USA & International Traders who value a great price (free), excellent Fundamental & Technical Analysis with great streaming news engines, and the best ease of use.

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Free trading refers to $5 commissions for Robinhood Financial self-directed individual cash or margin brokerage accounts that trade US-listed securities via mobile devices.  As Robinhood is a mobile-first company, this means if you trade from your smartphone on the Major . listed stocks available through Robinhood, then the trade has no cost.

The best stock trading apps for the iPhone and iPad

The only downside is that you cannot really do any serious stock analysis using Robin Hood.  Because it is a mobile-first company, the interface is limited to the size of your phone.

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This means, using Yahoo, you can trade stocks with your broker.  It is a nice feature, but if you have a brokerage account, you will already have access to real-time data, charts, and quotes and can trade directly with them, so it seems a little redundant, but still a step forward.

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While not for just any investor, iChartist proves its usefulness to any serious trader on Wall Street. This app provides technical analysis and professional charts that include Average True Range, Bollinger Bands, Exponential Moving Average, Momentum and much more. Although iChartist is a fantastic app, it is hard to recommend it to anyone who doesn’t completely know what they re doing in the field of investing. With its steep price tag, it s not for the casual investor.

It also has stock charting capabilities that complement the scanning functionality focusing on financial metrics charting, but also including technical indicators like volume, moving averaging and relative strength.

CNN money fares well with all basic indicators available but suffers from only one sub-window and no ability to draw trend lines.  Also, the chart is only static, and non-interactive format becomes highly annoying after a while, having to continually refresh the page to get new indicators plotted will make the experiences investor growl.

Also, a huge benefit is that the Data Speed and Coverage are mind-blowing, covering literally every stock market on the planet and not just stocks but ETF 8767 s, Mutual Funds, Futures, FOREX, Bonds & CryptoCurrencies  AT NO EXTRA COST.


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